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Musicologist Kai Christiansen

Music at Kohl Mansion’s resident Musicologist Kai Christiansen offers pre-concert talks prior to each chamber concert. Mr. Christiansen is a musicologist, multi-instrumentalist, radio host, writer and lecturer, and chamber music scholar. He is the founder of earsense, an online chamber music exploratorium at


Get to Know Our Very Own Kai Christiansen!

Don’t miss the pre-show talk by musicologist Kai Christiansen,
who always sets the stage in an interesting and informative way.
~ Georgia Rowe, The Mercury News

We usually get to hear Kai talk about the music we are about to enjoy in concert. Now we have an opportunity to hear Kai talk about himself! In this wonderfully wide-ranging conversation with Music at Kohl executive director Patricia Kristof Moy, Kai shares his background, his discovery of chamber music, his unique position at the intersection of music and technology, his powerfully responsive way of listening to music, and his invitation to us all to share in that enjoyment. Not only is he an expert on all things chamber music, he’s also the expert on all things Kai!

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Kai Christiansen - Lecture

“Kai Christiansen’s spirited pre-performance talks and his ingenious program notes provide an elegant musicological map that skillfully guides you through the evening’s performance.”
~ Giles Richter, patron

“Kai’s knowledge about the composers and works is truly illuminating. He’s so enthusiastic and always makes me feel well-informed and smarter. Kai is a musical gem.”
~ Jon Finck, publicist

“I enjoyed hearing Kai’s terrific, succinctly focused comments about the music. He doesn’t waste a word. Everything he says needs to be heard!”
~ A Concert-goer

earsense – chamber music database