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Featured Artist Eddie Lee

Music and art are coming together at Kohl Mansion again this season, featuring the work of artist Eddie Lee. Merging his graphic design and fine arts skills, this season’s design was inspired by Eddie’s series of sheet magnet art, demonstrating his love of shapes and color. His technique blends craft and the art of printing, allowing him to discover exciting images reflecting his feelings at any given moment. Eddie Lee is also the designer of Music at Kohl Mansion’s eloquent and expressive logo, launched in 2007 for our 25th Anniversary Season. For our 33rd season image, Eddie has created a wonderfully evocative design that incorporates the bold, bright shapes and colors of his artistic palette with lyrical and energetic themes inspired by the live chamber music experience.

Visit Eddie’s art website at www.eddiehsleee.com or his design website at Square Two Design at www.square2.com.