Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at Kohl Mansion
Two 45-minute shows: 10:25 am, repeats at 11:35 am

Hailed for their spirited performances and fascinating fusion of jazz with Latin and folk rhythms, the VNote Ensemble gives voice to the hidden treasure that is Venezuelan music as they explore its connection to North American jazz. Blending the infectious rhythms of joropo, swing, gaita, soul, be-bop, and calypso (among many others), the VNote Ensemble defiantly ignores musical boundaries. Exquisite arrangements and unique compositions, colors, and rhythms blend together to create a truly unique sound sure to make children of all ages sing and clap for joy!

For ticket orders of more than 4, please call our office at 650.762.1130.

An interactive program introducing children to a real live concert experience. Fast-paced, lively, and fun, Children’s Concerts are designed for elementary and pre-school aged students. Weekday morning performances make ideal field trips for schools, community groups, seniors, home-schoolers as well as individual families. Suitable for all ages. These performances by professional musicians/educators engage young audiences of our local community.