How Does Music Move You?

Welcome to our conversation about how music makes people feel!
This season, we’re exploring Music Moves Me.

Music at Kohl Mansion and our musicians would love to hear about your thoughts about music and your musical experience with us.

If you attended one of our Kohl for Kids children’s concerts or family concerts, or if our musicians came to play at your school, please share how you felt about the music you heard by answering the questions below.

(Or if you just enjoy listening to music in everyday life, you can also answer the questions, just mention where you heard the music!)

    1. When and where do you hear music in everyday life?

    2. How does music make you feel?

    3. What instruments do you remember from the Kohl for Kids program you heard?

    4. Why do the instruments sound different from each other?

    5. Music can include all kinds of sounds. Please list the elements of music that you heard. (i.e. fast, slow, high pitch, low pitch, loud sounds, soft sounds)

    6. What are some of the ways you got to be part of the music? (dancing, clapping, movement, making sounds)

    7. When and where did you hear our music?

    (Children's Concert? Family Concert? At school?)

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